Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hooyah Albert Lea! Thank you for your entries to the contest! FYI - I was not able match Kristen Tupa and some names to a logo.

Alex Wendelboe, Southwest Middle School, Albert Lea

Alex Ulve, Southwest Middle School, Albert Lea

Alisson Fizlaff, Albert Lea High School

Avery Bongert, Albert Lea High School

Caycee Gilbertson, Albert Lea High School

Gabriela Estrada, Southwest Middle School, Albert Lea

Jayde Bower, Albert Lea High School

Joesephine Moreno, South West Middle School, Albert Lea

Kathryn Ponik, Albert Lea High School

Kristen Tupa, Albert Lea High School

Larry Olson, Albert Lea High School
(Hooyah Larry! - Never Back Down!)

Levi Kermes, Southwest Middle School, Albert Lea

Lydia Boorsma, Southwest Middle School, Albert Lea

Stacia Lebeck, Albert Lea High School

Tyler Vandenheuvel, Albert Lea High School

Veronica Silva, Albert Lea High School

AJ Rasmussen, Albert Lea High School

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bobbi Cruikshank, 10th Grade, Minnesota Virtual High School

Bobbi provided a hand painted canvas of his logo, with a Star of the North, a Minnesota sunset, the northwords in the background, a loon taking off from a lake, with the water a deep, sea blue.

Great Job Bobbi!

Jacob Bartels, Roseville, MN

Sarah Breummer, Alexandria Tech

Amanda Nemmers, Alexandria Tech

Your disc did not come with an JPEG file, but no worries, I can scan and send to the CO and XO of MINNESOTA

Anthony Lipetzky, Alexandria Tech

Tony - I have a printed copy, but your disc was empty. Not a problem, I can scan and email to the CO and XO of MINNESOTA.

Lanay Akkanen, Alexandria Tech

Tabitha Woitas, Alexandria Tech

Heather Dau, Alexandria Tech

Amanda Frieler, Alexandria Tech

Cheryl Larson, Alexandria Tech

LeAnne Tamm, Alexandria Tech

Brooke Nieland, Alexandria Tech

Shelbi Kribell, Alexandria Tech

Tami Erickson, Alexandria Tech

Erica Stoen, Alexandria Tech

Sabrina Anderson, Anderson Tech

Lewis Varnum, Alexandria Tech

Julie Beth Betterman, Alexandria Tech

Theresa Kipela, Alexandria Tech

Elizabeth Casavan, Alexandria Tech

Christianna Poland, Alexandria Tech